Tap Souls


An RPG clicker where you die over and over again


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Tap Souls is an ‘RPG clicker’ that has been clearly inspired by Dark Souls. In the game, your character will die many, many, many times. However, if you’ve ever played the ‘Souls’ saga then you know that dying is an important part of the experience.

Tap Souls’ gameplay is simple, but not as simple as other gameplays of its genre. Your objective here is to tap the screen as fast as you can in order to destroy your enemies… if you don’t, they’ll be sure to destroy you. Luckily you also have your ‘Estus Flask’ that helps you heal if you need to.

The main problem with being killed by your enemy is that you’ll lose all the souls you’ve earned up to that point. That’s why every time you finish off a gang of enemies it’s a good idea to go back to your base and invest the souls to upgrade your skills. You can also buy allies, spells and other objects.

Tap Souls is an excellent ‘RPG clicker’ that offers you slightly different gameplay than usual, plus it has great visuals.

By Erika Okumura

Android 2.3 or greater is required